Manestream Vaulters - Victoria, BC

Manestream Vaulters was established in 2004 by Stella French in Victoria, B.C. Manestream has over 30 active vaulters of all ages and abilities. We promote teamwork, inclusion, and fun!


Equestrian Vaulting:

Equestrian Vaulting is the art of gymnastic and dance on top of a moving horse. Dating back to roman times, vaulting was used to train mounted soldiers for war. Over time vautling was developed into a sport which has become increasingly popular worldwide. In vaulting, the horse, vaulter, and lunger works as a team.

As the vaulter performs, the lunger controls the horse on a circle in any of the three gaits, depending on the experience of the vaulter. Because of the connection that the lunger has with the horse, and the vaulter's ability to "bail" off and out of the way of the horse, Vaulting is considered to be one of the safer equestrian sports, and statisitically reports fewer injuries than other disciplines.

In competition, vaulters participate in complusories and freestyle competition. Compulsories are a series of 7 set moves, where the vaulter is judged on strength, alingment, balance and harmony with the horse. Freestyle is a 60 second routine where the vauter can create their own moves and choreography to music. The vaulter is judged on fluidity, creativity, and degree of difficulty.


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